modern residential estate

Working in partnership

The Cassiobury Estates team has over 30 years’ experience working in the residential property and development sector, and has built up strong working relationships with a number of local, regional and national development organisations.

We are not owned by, or affiliated with, any individual developer, and this independence has allowed us to create an in-depth an varied understanding of the requirements of developers in a number of different locations and sectors.

We work hard to ensure that our property leads are well researched, undertaking significant ‘due diligence’ activities before bringing any potential opportunity to the table. We believe that this offers significant benefits in time, cost and complexity to our developer partners.

We are always happy to discuss new developer partnership opportunities.

Key benefits

  • Provision of fully-analysed, ‘good prospect’ leads tailored to your requirements
  • Robust due diligence activities, minimising wasted effort
  • Negotiation and ongoing communication with property owners
  • Conditional fee agreements, focusing us on only the most viable opportunities