row of new build terrace houses

Seeing the potential.

Cassiobury Estates is not a development company. Rather, we are land agents and development consultants, and our role is to bring the owners of property with development potential – who wish for whatever reason to realise value from their property – together with quality, reputable land developers who have the ability to make that happen.

We are not owned by, or affiliated with,  any individual developer – but we have established a strong working relationship with a number of key national housebuilders and development companies, which allows us to confidently align prospective vendors with the right interested parties.

We have a strong working relationship with companies that have an interest in anything from single plots to multi-acre developments.

Our expertise lies in appreciating development potential – through extensive research and analysis – and negotiating that elusive ‘win-win’ position for both buyer and seller.

The Process

There is no standard process, per se, as each situation can differ. Most commonly we will identify – through research and analysis – property, land or a locality which has the potential to meet and satisfy current residential development requirements.

We will reach out to the current owners of that land to assess whether they have a potential interest in investigating the opportunity. We are on hand to explain the possibilities. No ‘hard sell’, ever.

If, between us, we believe that there is an opportunity to proceed, we are in a position to speak directly to development organisations about a potential offer.

In instances where we make the approach to you, our fees will be paid by our developer client. In circumstances where we act for, or are engaged by you, then there will be a pre-agreed fee arrangement payable from the completion monies of the transaction.